Google Currents for Photographers

Jay and I are always keeping an eye open for new ideas, and when Google Currents appeared, we thought it was a great idea. We signed up for an account – and ten minutes later we had our Currents edition up and ready to go. You can check out our Google Currents stream at:

We’ve tweaked it several times over the past couple of months… but getting it set up was incredibly easy. The result is a really clean mobile site. Cool! We find that lots of photographers have a basic website – but optimizing it for the web is often beyond the capabilities of the average Joe… we’re photographers, not programmers! So, that’s why we like Currents. And of course, we’re subscribed a variety of other editions, which are easily accessible from my iPad or our iPhones… and of course, any Android device.

So, because we like it so much, we decided to put together a short video to explain how it works. Check it out!

To learn more about photography check out out ebooks below:

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  1. nik
    nik says:

    wow this whole integration works very well enter your info in one location and its gets published everywhere, i have been on your sites google+ jays and varinas for the last hour and i noticed you put the “Google Currents for Photographers” blog on one website and it appeared on all the others, verfy impressive now thats a tutorial worthy of your site.

  2. Randall Sanger
    Randall Sanger says:

    Great info, thanks Jay and Varina! I noticed an image of one of my favorite WV waterfalls as I watched the tutorial!


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