Good Times in the Southwest!

Our Southwest Workshop was awesome fun. We had a great group of students… as you can see from the group shots below. Here we all are at the Land of the Sleeping Rainbows – wearing our fantastic cowboy hats – a surprise gift from our good friend (and long-time student) Tex. (We missed you, Tex!)

And here we are in Paria Canyon – this is a great place for a group shot, dontcha think? :)Here’s Sheetal doing Yoga in one of the beautiful “windows”…And Van doing yoga (unintentionally) while shooting details high on the canyon walls. Poor guy – I made him hold that pose while I set up my camera and took a test shot or two. :) He was a great sport about it! Do  you see the mud on his shoes? It was gooey out there – which made it that much more fun!

And there’s Shawn – knee deep in mud – along with Cristina, Glade, and Radu. (I have a great video of Shawn escaping from the mud – but I’m saving it for later.) ;) I wasn’t kidding when I said it was muddy.This is Aaron, shooting gorgeous light in Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument.

This is Shawn again – with another of his brightly-colored, highly-photogenic outfits…… and here’s Glade shooting from the same location. It’s amazing that two people can shoot from the same spot and come away with completely different images. Wait till you see some of the photos from this trip!And last, but not least – this is our workshop mascot. Now, just in case there is any confusion… that’s not a dog – that’s Wendy. And she travels with Christina and Radu, who bring her along wherever they go.Our next workshop is coming right up. We’ll be in the Everglades in January. We’re looking forward to another fantastic workshop! I hope some of you will join us!

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