Folding Filter Sleeve for Photographers!

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Well – wow! I’m sorry to say that we are already sold out of the first run of our Folding Filter Sleeves. If you want one but didn’t get here in time – or you like the one you have so much that you want more :) – we’ve set up a waiting list so that you can get a one-time email when we have these back in stock.

Ok guys – this is kind of a big deal for us. We are very excited to announce our very first product. We designed it – and in conjunction with Falling Camera Designs, we are now offering our Folding Filter Sleeve for sale for the very first time! We are offering this first batch in limited quantities, so place your order right away!

Please Note: This filter holder is designed to hold 100mm filters. Larger filters will NOT fit. If you are interested in purchasing a sleeve for filters of a different size, please leave a comment for us. We may decide to produce other sizes for future runs.


  • Four pockets – sized for a snug fit for 100mm Graduated Neutral Density and Neutral Density filters
  • High-quality, micro-suede fabric cleans your filters each time you put them away
  • Lightweight, folding design for compact storage in your camera bag
  • Durable and Washable
  • Soft, flexible case won’t crack or scratch your filters
  • Over-sized flap is great for a little extra cleaning when your filters aren’t quite spotless
  • Designed by Professional Photographers
  • Made in the USA by Vessel


A few years ago, Jay and I decided it was time to do something to protect our filters. The plastic sleeves they came in were starting to crack and tear. Tiny pieces of dust and sand were finding their way inside, and scratching those fragile surfaces each time we pulled the filters from their sleeves. Filters are expensive! So, we started looking for solutions. Unfortunately, the cases we found for sale were bulky or flimsy. We knew what we wanted, so we set out to make it ourselves.

We scoured the fabric stores, looking for a sturdy fabric that would clean our filters as we used it. We drew our first pattern on brown paper. We pulled out our trusty sewing machine, and created our very first prototype… and we made two, so that we could both test them in the field. We carried those sleeves with us to various locations all over the world – we used them on beaches, on mountaintops, in swamps… and we liked them so much, that we never bothered to clean up the design or create a finished product. Until now!


Our first prototype – which I liked so much that I used it for three years!

When people started asking where we found our filter holders, we told them we made them ourselves, and let it go at that. But over the past three years, we’ve had so much interest in these little pouches, that we couldn’t ignore it. We put our heads together with Falling Camera Designs, and built a second prototype. We found better fabrics, cleaned up the seams, and learned from our mistakes. And we created a finished product. Jay and I have been testing them on-location – from the Canadian Rockies, to Hawaiian Volcanoes and Icelandic beaches – and we couldn’t be happier.

So now – at long last – we are offering you a chance to buy a micro-suede filter holder for your 100mm filters. We hope you enjoy them!




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