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On the first day of our 2009 workshop in Death Valley (California), it rained hard… and then it rained some more… and a bit more after that. Total Rainfall in 24 hours: 1 inch. That’s a lot for the driest place in North America. All the roads were closed, and some were damaged – but with big storms come great light. The next day, the storm started to clear. Over the course of the next 24 hours, we got some spectacular light conditions and some very unique photos of flooding in Death Valley National Park.

This is a manual blend of 3 images using our iHDR technique. I used a low perspective to capture the flowing streams of water. I focused at my hyperfocal distance to ensure that the entire image was sharply in focus. I chose to keep the image dark in post processing, because of the heavy storm clouds hanging overhead.

As always, these images are provided for personal use as computer wallpaper or backgrounds ONLY. Copyright belongs to the photographer,and photographs cannot be used, redistributed, or recreated in print, on the web, or in any other medium without written permission from the photographer.

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