Featured Download: Between a Rock and a Trillium

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Here is a photograph that I took in Olympic National Park of a fully open trillium. This little cascade was located deep in the wood off the beaten path… and I was just lucky enough to stumble upon it. This simple photograph required lots of small details to compose and capture.

I wanted the trillium to stand out from the background… so choosing a composition as close to the flower as possible was a must. I also placed the Trillium in front of a dark background so that it would draw the viewers attention to the bright white flower. I placed the rock and the trillium using the rule of thirds, and made sure that everything in the frame was in focus.

As always, these images are provided for personal use as computer wallpaper or backgrounds ONLY. Copyright belongs to the photographer, and photographs cannot be used, redistributed, or recreated in print or on the web or on any other medium without written permission from the photographer.

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