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I took this shot while slogging through the swamps in Florida’s gorgeous Everglades National Park. These beautiful, lacy lichen grew on trees inside a hardwood hammock. I love it out there!

As always, these images are provided for personal use as computer wallpaper or backgrounds ONLY. Copyright belongs to the photographer, and photographs cannot be used, redistributed, or recreated in print or on the web or on any other medium without written permission from the photographer.

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  1. Melli
    Melli says:

    I’d hang this on my wall! This is really lovely, – the “soft natural tones” (for lack of better word”, the minimalist composition, great placement of subjects, lovely detail!

  2. Angie
    Angie says:

    Simply gorgeous pictures, how long have you been into photography & have you done any panorama shots? I’m new to the site what I have seen I have loved. The Florida Everglades picture is cool too, but weren’t you a little bit scared of gators? I don’t think that I would have been that brave. LoL.

    • Varina Patel
      Varina Patel says:

      Thanks so much, Angie.

      I’ve been shooting since I was a kid. By the time I was in middle school, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. It’s a fantastic job if you are willing to work hard!

      Gators are definitely a good thing to be wary of. :) And there were gators in the swamps, no doubt about it. We kept our eyes wide open and stayed away from the likely hangouts. Luckily, none gave us any trouble while we were out there. :)

  3. Paulosa Sergio dos Santos
    Paulosa Sergio dos Santos says:

    Congratulations, by the beautiful work that you and your husband has done and published to the whole world have a BIT with you, I love taking pictures but I’m crawling to it mainly paissagens once again Congratulations and I hope to have this opportunity to view their excellent work soon, thank you for this great opportunity to meet you, Thanks, PauloSantos.


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