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“Where did you take that shot?” “Is that an easily accessible location?” “What locations should I visit on my next trip?”

When we post photos online – here on our blog, or on social media sites – we hear these questions again and again. For the past several months, we’ve been quietly working on answering those questions. One post at a time. We’ve been building a tool for those who are interested in learning more about the locations we shoot. And today, we are introducing a brand new feature. Our new Photo Locations page (you’ll find it in the Learn menu) is designed to inspire you to get out and shoot! We will continue to update and add to it regularly, so you’

Photo Location Zoom Here

The  Photo Locations Page is full responsive and can be easily viewed on any device including your tablet and a smart phone. You may also click on the link below the map to view a full size map. Each pin on the map is associated with an image and an article about how to visit and photograph the location. Clicking on the pin will bring up a photo from that location. You can the Zoom Here (as seen in the image above) to see exactly where the photo was taken.

Photo Location Info

If want to know more about the location clicking on the image will bring up the article associated with that image (as seen in the image above). This article gives you more information about the location and the photograph. It also gives you a chance to view the large size photo. There is also a link back to the map from within the article in case you lost the track of your pin.

Happy Exploring!!

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