Empowering Kids through Photography

We had the incredible privilege of traveling to Nicaragua with Empowerment International and The Giving Lens this summer. We spent our days working with the kids as part of the educational photography program. We toured Granada and the surrounding area with the kids, helping them with their cameras and teaching them the basics of composition and exposure. But when all is said and done, I think we learned far more from them than they did from us. What an incredible bunch of kids!

Most of the children live in the Barrios, where their families are struggling to  meet their most basic needs on a daily basis. Their homes are made of corrugated metal, scraps of wood and wire, and whatever other materials they can find. The floors are packed dirt – swept clean daily. Sheets hang from the ceilings, dividing their small spaces into rooms for sleeping or cooking. They use matches and plastic bags to start their cooking fires. Some of the homes have a tap for running water, and the children use a bowl to pour water over their heads to clean themselves – the little ones help one another wash their hair with bars of soap each morning before school.

The children have so little compared to kids in developed countries, but they don’t lack talent! Take a look at the work of three of the kids we worked with in the photography program. We think you’ll be impressed! The kids shot RAW photographs in manual mode, and processed each image using Lightroom 4. Within the digital darkroom, they adjusted color balance and exposure where necessary, cropped their images for impact, and made other minor adjustments.






We’re really proud of these kids, and we can’t wait to get back to Nicaragua to see them again!

For more information on Empowerment International, please visit their website at www.empowermentinternational.org. Consider donating money or sponsoring a child. Even a small donation can make an enormous difference for these kids.

For information on workshops with The Giving Lens, visit their website at www.thegivinglens.com.

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