Contest #1 Winner: Frank Lüdtke

We’d like to offer our congratulations to Frank Lüdtke! He is the winner of our very first contest, and will receive a copy of the 2011 Weingarten Calendar! It was very difficult to choose a winner – you can see all the entries in the contest forum – but this one stood out to both of us. A light show like this one is unusual – but the skill of the photographer who can capture this moment effectively is rare indeed.  We love the atmosphere – the mist on the lake, the smooth surface of the water, and the rich colors. The centered composition works very well for a shot like this one.

Fanfares Of Light  by Frank Lüdtke

The shot was taken in the European Alps in Switzerland. According to Frank, this was “one of the finest sunrises I’ve seen so far. The rising fog was illuminated by the morning sun and created an impressive light show. I named it Fanfares Of Light, because of those impressive sun/fog beams.”

We also want to recognize the work of some other photographers who offered beautiful images.

Runners-up are listed in no particular order below.

Shawn Vogt’s image from Lake Quinalt in Washington. We love this shot because of the soft, rich colors and the perfect symmetry between the sky and the reflection. The shot is beautifully processed as well… it’s not easy to handle such a broad range of light.

Elegance Echoed by Shawn Vogt

Another shot by Frank Lüdtke – this one from the Lago di Braies in Italy. Both of us loved the composition of this shot. The beautiful light touching the mountaintops draws the eye. I love the steps and boats in the foreground, which add a human element to the image, and seem to invite the viewer to step down into the scene.

Lago di braies, Italy by Frank Lüdtke

Radu Iacob’s shot from Death Valley National Park in California. Processing a shot like this one is no easy task, and we think Radu pulled it off beautifully. The reflected color in the water, and on the salt flats is absolutely beautiful. We love the foreground details as well.

Badwater Sunset by Radu Iacob

And last, but certainly not least – Chris Martin’s shot of a Canada Goose. The energy in this photo is particularly appealing, but we also love the unusual technique. The image captures the eye of the viewer, and then keeps our attention. The soft brown tones are beautiful as well.

Redwood Bird Pond by Chris Martin

Congratulations to Frank, and to all our runners-up! We want to thank ALL those who participated in the Reflections in Nature Contest – it was very difficult to choose a winner from such a fine selection of images. We hope you will all participate in our next contest!

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  1. Shawn Vogt
    Shawn Vogt says:

    Thanks Jay and Varina for the opportunity to participate in this contest. Looking forward to the next challenge. It was nice to see all the entries, many good photos!

  2. Kiran
    Kiran says:

    Congratulations Frank. I was like stand still looking at the beauty of your photo. The great combination of colors and light nature has in it, is all there in you photo. I feel that you have a better eye than camera :)

  3. Frank Lüdtke
    Frank Lüdtke says:

    WOW, I’m very happy winning this contest, especially when regarding all those great shots in this contest. I’m looking forward to that great calendar!

    Thank you very much! :D

    All the best,


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