Being a Parent who is also a Photographer

This is a shot from our 2009 trip to Michigan with the kids. I know lots of you have kids of your own, and I suspect that you’ve missed photographic opportunities because of family obligations… or simply because you felt it was more important to be with you family. Jay and I try hard to balance our photographic careers with the needs of our children. When we travel with the kids, we try to keep our focus on them… but as they get older, they are entertaining themselves more often. It seems we’re just not all that interesting anymore! ;) We find ourselves with a bit more free time to pull out our camera’s and take a few shots.

We had few opportunities for art photography at the Hoh Rain Forest yesterday morning. The kids loved the hike, and enjoyed having their photos taken in giant hollow stumps, beneath enormous trees, and along fern-lined trails. But it wasn’t until we released them to play along the Hoh River that we had a chance to think about photography. Our kids still need supervision, but Jay spent some time looking for good shots while the I helped the kids build a series of rocky channels along the river shore (good, dirty fun on a perfect, sunny day!) Mid-day is a great time for macro photography, so that lens gets more use on a family vacation than others.

Jay also had a chance to experiment with shooting anemones at Ruby beach later in the day. The kids were busy building sand cities and forts. While I helped the littlest build his very own fort out of driftwood – Jay photographed the older children, and took some macro shots of the sea life.

Maybe today, I’ll get MY chance to shoot. :)

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