Behind the Lens Course Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Behind the Lens course. This course takes an in-depth look at how we navigate the wide variety of choices we have, in order to build a photograph around a single point of interest.

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What is The Ultimate Series: Behind the Lens?

  • Workshop-Style Lessons at a Fraction of the Price

    The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course was our first foray into filming a course on-location. We spent 12 days in Australia creating a series of workshop-style lessons that brought fieldwork and thought-processes to the forefront. The course was so well-received that we realized there was a real need for the format. Nobody else was filming fieldwork as it happened – right there in the field. Nobody else was offering the opportunity to follow a professional photographer in action and hear their own thoughts as they worked on location… without spending a fortune for an on-the-ground workshop. This was the perfect way to offer the same kind of instruction we offer to students at our on-location workshops – at a fraction of the price!

  • Dig Deeper

    And so, The Ultimate Series was born. Behind the Lens is the first in the series, but we have 9 more courses already in the works. They are designed to extend and expand the reach of the original Ultimate Landscape Photography Course by pushing beyond the basics. The Ultimate Course touched on the most important aspects of nature photography – introducing concepts like hyperfocal distance, research and location, and post-processing workflow. The courses we are building for The Ultimate Series will dig deeper into a variety of concepts – from light to lenses and beyond.

  • Join Us Behind the Lens

    Our Behind the Lens Course compliments The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course by offering even more case studies taught right in the field. But this time, we take you deeper into our minds. Not only do we explain why we made the choices we did… we also explain the choices we didn’t make. We even show examples of images that didn’t make the cut, so you can see exactly what we were thinking as we worked. Each lesson shows how we approach a scene and how we navigate the range of options available to us in order to produce a finished image that matches our artistic vision.

  • Watch the Artistic Process Unfold

    In this course, we tackle the challenges that come up with every photo – and we do it right there in front of the camera, so you can watch the artistic process unfold. The obstacles are different every time – light, location, weather conditions, distractions… We show you how we approach each problem with the tools we have on hand, and the creative thinking that is so much a part of the photographic process. We show you how we choose a single interesting element, and build a photograph around it – using all the technical and artistic options that are available to us. Behind the Lens give you a unique opportunity to watch professional photographers thinking out loud, and dealing with the challenges that happen in the field as they happen… so that you can learn to make the most of your own knowledge, equipment, and creativity.

Filmed in New Zealand

We spent 7 days filming our brand new Behind the Lens Course on New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. Check out some stills from the course – and a collection of the images we created while we were filming.

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  • new_zealand_1493
  • Purakaunui Falls, Catlins, New Zeland
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  • new_zealand_1354c
  • new_zealand_0818_reflector_closer
  • Catlins, New Zeland
  • Nugget Point, New Zealand
  • Cathedrals Caves, Catlins, New Zeland