Autumn in Ohio

I spend a lot of time trying to book my next ticket to somewhere else, but every now and then, it’s nice to be right here. There’s nothing like Autumn in this part of the country. It’s just amazingly beautiful. We took the kids down to Cuyahoga Valley National park this weekend. The skies were bright blue, the weather was warm, and the trees were absolutely gorgeous. We went for a short hike and let them play in the river for a while – making boats from sticks and leaves. They had a great time and so did we.

The weekend isn’t a good time for photography in the parks, though. Too many people. Instead, I went out on Friday morning when the light was still soft – and before the leaves were trampled. I took a couple of Fall shots for my portfolio. Nothing spectacular – just the dazzling, quiet beauty of Autumn in Ohio. Kind of takes my breath away sometimes. This is Brandywine Falls. In a few months, it will be frozen over – with water still running beneath a thick layer of ice.

I hope your weekend was as nice as ours.

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