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I want to welcome all of you to the new and improved Photography by Varina! Some time ago, I put up a post asking for feedback on a new blog design, and one of our readers suggested we try Word Press. (Thanks, Suyog!) I did a little research, and decided I was happy with Blogger… […]

What Sells? Graphics Company Calendar

One of the best markets for landscape photography are annual calendars. Recently two of Jay’s images were chosen by a local company for publication in their large art calendar. This photo, titled Reflections of Beauty, was selected for the cover. This one – titled Stranded – was selected for the October page. Images for calendars […]

What happens at a workshop stays at a workshop

Price:  Free Format:  eBook, PDF format, 19 pages, 1video Size:  40.0MB Requirement:  Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or greater, Apple’s Quicktime Movie Player 7 or greater Description You’ve been thinking about taking a photography workshop …but what should you expect? Do you have to hike a million miles and be built like Lance Armstrong in order […]

What Sells? National Park Magazine

Last time we got a call from a publisher, they were looking for photographs of “pretty places” for a National Park’s calendar. This time, we got a call from National Park’s Magazine. They were looking for images to illustrate an upcoming article on investments in water management in Everglades National Park. Here is the photo […]

Check this Out – "Top Ten Doctored Photos"

Are your photos manipulated?” That’s a questions photographers are asked all the time. The digital age has brought an amazing wealth of photographic capabilities – from quick image previews on the back of your camera, to manipulation techniques that allow you to make your photo look like a watercolor painting. Some photographers shun these tools […]

How to choose a Tripod

Price:  $5.00 Format:  eBook, PDF format, 9 pages Size:  20.6MB Requirement:  Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or greater Description I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked for a tripod recommendation. The problem is, I have to ask a whole lot of questions before I can provide a decent answer. So you can see […]

Photographing France

Price:  Free Format:  eBook, PDF format, 13 pages Size:  22MB Requirement:  Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or greater Description A family trip is a daunting proposal by any standards – but consider a trip abroad… for more than two months… with four small children… on a very tight budget. Intelligent parents would cringe at the thought, […]

Autumn in Ohio

I spend a lot of time trying to book my next ticket to somewhere else, but every now and then, it’s nice to be right here. There’s nothing like Autumn in this part of the country. It’s just amazingly beautiful. We took the kids down to Cuyahoga Valley National park this weekend. The skies were […]

Nearly Finished

Yep – I’m nearly finished. I’ve almost learned the entire Czech language. I should be completely fluent by the end of the week. Not bad, eh? It took me about three days. MAN! Am I smart or what? No – sorry. Actually, I’m nearly finished with uploading the batch of stock images I started last […]