The End of the World, Patagonia

Take a journey to the end of the world, where landscapes are both violent and beautiful at the same time. Patagonia, a place truly out of this world.

Free eBook: Visionary Insight

We have just released a new FREE eBook called Visionary Insights in collaboration with 8 other photographers.

Trekking Patagonia, Argentina

Things are different down there at the end of the world. The windswept landscapes of Patagonia is a scene of beauty, but challenge everyone's senses.

Gorilla Trekking, Uganda

Uganda is home to one of the most amazing experiences one could have. It s a place where you can get face to face with a 250kg Mountain Gorilla.

Balancing Photography and Family

Lots of people ask me how I balance photography and family. It isn't easy. But it's hard to complain when you have such awesome kids - and a great job, too.