Nicole S. Young: Using Presets & Actions

Nicole S. Young sits down with the InFocus Magazine to give her insights into the role of presets into post-processing workflow.
March 23, 2015/by Infocus Guest Author

Exploring Bromeliad Forest

To visit this Bromeliad Forest, we had to hike through a muddy swamp and skirt the edge of a large alligator hole to get there.
March 20, 2015/by Jay Patel

Travel Photography Equipment Guide – Part 2

Clint Burkinshaw gives insights into what photography equipment to bring along on your next trip - Part 2
March 18, 2015/by Clint Burkinshaw

Travel Photography Equipment Guide – Part 1

Clint Burkinshaw gives insights into what photography equipment to bring along on your next trip - Part 1
March 16, 2015/by Clint Burkinshaw

Get Yourself Oriented

Do prefer to shoot in Horizontal or Vertical Orientation? We prefer to shoot in both orientation....Here is why.
March 13, 2015/by Jay Patel

Intelligent White Balance

We all know that sometimes it’s necessary to bracket the exposure in the camera to capture the entire dynamic range seen by the human eye. What is not so well known is the fact that white balance also needs to be bracketed in order to get a natural looking image. Take a look at this […]
March 11, 2015/by Jay Patel

Cold Weather Photography Tips

With few simple steps you will find that taking photos in the great outdoors - regardless of the cold can be an incredibly rewarding experience.
March 9, 2015/by Elle Bruce

Turtles Encounter

While trying to photograph turtles in Hawaii, we literally bumped into a friendly honu (a green sea turtle) who was feeding at our feet in the shallow tide pool.
March 6, 2015/by Varina Patel

What Sells: Vertical or Horizontal

If you shoot in both orientations you’ll be ready no matter what your client is looking for.
March 4, 2015/by Jay Patel

Kevin McNeal: Photographing Dramatic Light

Here are some practical photography tips from award winning photographer Kevin McNeal on how to capture dramatic light.
March 2, 2015/by Infocus Guest Author

Creating a Sense of Place

Jay uses a simple technique of shallow DOF combined with a carefully chosen subject to capture a sense of place.
February 27, 2015/by Jay Patel

Selling Your Fine Art Prints

In this short interview Paul Marcellini provided us with a wealth of information about how he goes about selling his fine art prints.
February 25, 2015/by Jay Patel
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